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About us


     Hubei Jingli Chemicals Ltd. is located in Jingmen City, which is known as the "Jingchu Portal" in central Hubei, China. Jingmen City has unique and convenient conditions for the development of chemical materials and pharmaceutical industry, with a national-level high-tech zone biomedical industrial park and a special chemical recycling industrial park.


    Hubei Jingli Chemicals Ltd. has a registered capital of 5 million RMB and was spun out from Hubei Jingmen Pharmaceutical Industrial Technology Research Institute. The company has reached a comprehensive strategic partnership with dozens of enterprises and institutions in and around Jingmen. The company is committed to the research and development and production of high-end chemical materials, chemical and biological pharmaceutical products; the main products include functional chemical materials and intermediates, pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials and preparations.


    The company is supported by Jingchu Institute of Technology and Hubei Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Research Institute to carry out research and development work. Now the company has a research and development site of 5600 square meters, 20 R & D personnel, including 7 doctors, 5 senior titles. The company can access to more than 500 sets of scientific research equipment with a total value of 16 million yuan (including 24 sets of >100,000 RMB equipment and 8 sets of > 300,000 RMB equipment. The main scientific research equipment include: 400MHz superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, HPLC-mass spectrometer, powder X-ray diffractometer, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, near infrared-ultraviolet-visible Spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, moisture titrator, automatic polarimeter, fluorescence spectrometer, melting point apparatus, potentiometric titrator, organic element analyzer, TG-DTA thermal analyzer, nano particle size analyzer, etc.


    The company will adhere to the market-oriented development mission of serving customers around the world and strive to build a modern high-tech enterprise. At present, the company has 8 departments: (1) procurement department; (2) market service department; (3) finance department; (4) production department; (5) technology research and development department; (6) safety and environmental protection and asset management Department; (7) quality management department; (8) general department.


    Looking into the future, the company will be committed to providing high cost performance for global customers based on the business philosophy of "fighting for a better life and health for humanity", with shareholders, customers, employees, society, suppliers and other stakeholders as the core. We are committed to providing high-end cost-effective chemical materials and pharmaceutical chemical products and other services to global customers .

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